Monday, November 30, 2015

first writing job + first feature film

Rabbit rabbit rabbit.
Hello December, and hello to you.

And what a way to start the month:  I got the writing job!  I start tomorrow, churning out content, and it should be unlike any business I've ever worked for.  First, this company has shuttles that transport us urbanites to the office in the suburbs.  It'll be like a repeat of grade school, and I suspect it could be a cozy cushion around the workday.  I won't be on an annoyingly crowded train during rush hour.  There are a few great perks to this job - like a free cafeteria for employees - but it's the school bus experience I'm kinda most excited about.  A set time before and after work to breeeeeathe and stare out a window.  The turtle in me eagerly anticipates this meditation in motion.

It'll be very nice not to be so broke.  The final check from my last teaching job was sizeable.  When I got their last direct deposit, my eyes bulged.  I thought "Shiitake mushrooms, and I quit that type of compensation?!?!"  The final check was substantial enough so I've just run through it this week - after five weeks of not working.  I have about two dollars in my checking account.  I'm not too worried, though.  I have survived on two dollars before, and I shall survive these next two days - muscle!

Before ending tonight, I want to broach the likelihood that - over the next several months - I probably won't have as much time to maintain the Broke Bridget blog.  My creative projects are pushing ahead at top speed, woohoo.  The most time consuming project - the undertaking that has devoured so much of November that I've only published three blogs this month - is an adapted script that is probably going to be my first feature film.  I plan to spend the bulk of Dec - whenever I'm not working or sleeping or sleeping with - I plan to spend the end of this year making the business plan that I will present to film investors.  Film business plans range between ten and thirty pgs, including everything from a persuasive summary to a post-production marketing plan.  Being a turtle and perfectionist, this document will easily consume the next four or five weeks of my life.  Particularly because I foresee it being the main fundraising document I rely on for much of 2016, as I assemble a small team of two to four active investors whom I trust enough to assist with important steps like approaching lead actors.  On and on.  ...  It is a really strong adaptation of a very special novel. I've written the script so well that sometimes, when I'm revising and rereading and rewording and retweaking until my eyeballs ache, I can't believe I - me, this woman who is an abysmal adult with only two dollars in her checking account - I wrote such a good script, I can hardly breathe.  But it started with an author that many of us love.  The author is deceased, and the publisher has given me the green light to move forward.  So if you don't hear from me as frequently over the next weeks (or months), it's because I'm making a movie.  Earlier today someone asked this of me and, with the same sincerity and hope that we can continue to electronically rendezvous - screen to screen - as I adore YOU, appreciate your time, and enjoy our in a box intimacy - I plead your patience, please.

Broke Bridget totally hearts YOU.  So much.  (a sleepy wave)