Monday, April 3, 2017

black american bisexual nerd ➡ bougie spike lee

Hey hey, you ultra handsome dumpling.
How have you been, amazonian queen?

Let's just jump into the creative update.


The maelstrom of change which marks my life continues to wildly whirl.  I have been pleasantly preoccupied, per usual, as I continue to gain creative professional experience.  Because time flies, many months ago I mentioned that I was searching around for a new theater to join.  I landed at a playhouse in the heart of Cambridge, MA where I'm super lucky to assist a very cool Executive Director. The support I provide is mostly administrative, and I love that.  I participate in program planning and management, and I spend alot of time communicating with actors.  Just to repeat a sentiment I've been screaming over and over again throughout the Broke Bridget blog - you know (more serious expression) - if I'm ever going to be qualified for a salaried creative position, I need to focus on acquiring the necessary experience.  Sometimes when I'm hunting down an actress' elusive headshot, I'm silently hoping praying pleaing "Let this be the experience I should be building - so that my 40 year old self has a full time and salaried job in a creative environment."  And I do think it is a productive step forward.  I understand that this very cool Executive Director is taking time out of her overflowing schedule, in order to mentor me.  I think that we have a great rapport.  I really trust her guidance, and I'm grateful for the entire experience.  So that, my beautiful reader, is one thing I've been busy with.

The playhouse is called Central Square Theater (CST).  Equidistantly smooshed between MIT and Harvard, the theater is producing a thought-provoking series which contemplates the question "Who is a scientist?"  Our upcoming play portrays a Muslim-American teenager who is passionate about biology. Here's a link where you can find more information and purchase tickets.  The Boston Globe reviewed the production as an ambitious yet accessible collision of "[s]cience, poetry, faith, and romance." Sounds like a perfect Friday night!  Grab one of your favorite people, and we hope to see you at CST!!

Image result for Central Square Theater
the entrance to Central Square Theater

Nutmeg + Mustard
an arthouse film production co.

I've launched the first incarnation of the company's website, and it's basic.  Definitely in progress.  But my deadline was this week, and I was firm with myself about meeting that deadline, so I published a simple site.  Right now it's a single webpage, but over the course of this year I will be completing and sharing additional pages.  I'm not too proud of it yet, but it'll stay online so I can share my cinematic vision and hopefully - fingers crossed - snag the attention of any collaborators who may be interested.

Saraghina and Gloria Morin, two worship worthy characters from the Italian film 

I've been meeting really active, amazing, and experimental artists.  Last night I met an actor who had the sort of off-center, vague, and gothic sense of humor that I enjoy.  We snickered about sinister metaphors and swapped closeted creative fantasies, both of us excited by meeting a kindred nerd.  It was one of those brainstorming chats where you're riffing inspiration, and the other person is like your mirror or your lightning rod.  I'll probably never see this kid again, but for me it was a clarifying conversation, and here goes the part of our chat which was delightful and which has stuck with me:

ACTOR:  "I might make a painting where the world is ... (cautious pause and glance) ... molten lava!"
ME:  (wide eyes)  "OOOOh my gawd yes do it."
ME and ACTOR adolescently snickering.
ACTOR:  "Ha, really?  Yeah probably.  I've never actually said that out loud before."
ME:  "But do it.  You gotta paint it."
ACTOR:  "So tell me about the film company."
ME:  "Take Spike Lee.  Keep the all black cast, but make the production as bougie as fucking possible." 
ACTOR:  "Cool, with a whole bunch of gay on top."
ME:  "Yeah.  I really love queer literature and cinema.  And just very visually beautiful interpretations of literature with black and brown actors.  I - personally - am yearning to watch something like that."
ACTOR: "Wait, let me get my phone so I can show you my friend's film.  They used a great camera..."

Then we started talking about cameras and color correction, which is less inspiring than birthing ideas.  But there was a switch in me when this guy said "with a whole bunch of gay on top."  Inside my head, I've spent the past few weeks reframing - or maybe more clearly understanding the frame I'm already in - but articulating to myself who I am and how this identity is gonna come through in my filmmaking.

(Conversations can be cathartic like that for me, which is why I really love talking to other people.)

I'm a black American who reads, who obsesses over indie films, who is bisexual.  The collision of these elements is the mission of Nutmeg + Mustard.  I am not satisfied with the webpage that I published this morning, but my cinematic vision has crystalised, and I want this vision out in the ether.  Now if a producer or actress or financier, who possesses sympathetic stirrings, comes across my reworking of Virginia Woolf's with a black cast - then maybe they will contact me at

Frances - (throat clearing)  Notice that the comment boxes have been left open...  Request granted.
Andrew N - Ours def was a cathartic conversation. A chance encounter brimming with kismet, cheers.
Iryn, Jenn, and V - We've shared conversations for so many years!  Let's have them for so many more.

And YOU, divine beast.  If we were sitting together, I'd say "Wanna see a play?  You want another brownie or a cup of water?  You tired?  How are you feeling?"  Because I heart ya.  Stop by again, okay.

fake and friendly lion roar + a sleepy hug

Bridget, forever broke and forever yours


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Senegal in Chicago

HI honey pies.

I thought tonight's reunion could be pics from my trip to Chicago.  My travel style lacks the luster of a wild adventure, but nevertheless I had a fantastic return to Chicago.  I walked streets with my camera, pausing in bakeries for snacks, before continuing to stroll around a neighborhood or museum.  I felt happy to be there over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend.  I felt proud I had set aside that long weekend to celebrate the Civil Rights Movement in the home of the Chicago Freedom Movement.  And I'm happy to share these snapshots with YOU.  So ta-daaaa, here you go:

The next few pictures are from the Field Museum of Natural History.
On my maternal side, our African ancestry is rooted in Senegal, so I was excited about this exhibit.

This was a favorite moment for me:  There was a gallery of mummies at the Field Museum, and this child mummy was about the same age of the little boy who had his hand pressed against the glass partition.  In Spanish the little boy was repeatedly questioning his grandmother, "¿Está muerto?"  ("Is he dead?")  And the grandmother was repeatedly responding "Sí, chico.  Sí."  As the boy continued to press - I think, disturbed by the deceased little boy in front of him - this grandmother eventually reassured her grandson, "Pero es antiguo."  ("But it's ancient. /  But it's history.")  I was so fascinated by this little boy's reaction!  I smiled at his grandmother, and then we started to chat about why she was visiting from Argentina and why she thinks it's more difficult to learn English.  -  On a separate note, the Mummy Exhibition felt sacred.  I do not post this picture casually.  Please view it respectfully, and I do not give permission for this image to be reprinted elsewhere.

I grew up with pet finches, so the museum wing housing stuffed birds was really interesting to me.

Regular readers know that I have the worst luck when it comes to love.  After reading this placard describing efforts that some male birds undertake in order to win a female bird's favor, I thought to myself "Sheesh, I wish!  If only someone would try to dazzle me..."  I'm thinking about going to a speed dating event, which may be the topic of a future blog post - right now I feel like it'd turn out to be creepy and disappointing, so I may not do it?

The Field Museum mostly features taxidermy, and they feature it pretty darn well.  The Field Museum is a cool place!  These are the Fighting Elephants, and supposedly they were a big deal back in the 1890s when taxidermy had never been successfully done with animals that were this large.

Downtown Chicago along the Chicago Riverwalk

crossing the Chicago River

the Civic Opera Building, and its classic art deco architecture

Monroe Street Bridge 

more Chicago Riverwalk 

I usually visit a church whenever I visit a city.  
This is the exterior and interior of Old St. Patrick's.

a lion guarding the Art Institute of Chicago

I've triumphantly arrived at the Bean.  Woo!

Last night in town, heading back to my Airbnb.  The exterior and interior of the CTA Station, Randolph/Wabash on the Loop.

It's very late, and I need to go to bed now, but I will end by sending love to these folks:
Dear Barack.  Dear Michelle.  Dear Sasha and Malia.  Dear Jill and Joe.  YOU are missed.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

holiday cards + chicago

Since it's been awhile, let's jump into a general update.  Sound good to you, cutie?  OKAY - let's hit it!

[1]  HOLIDAYS    I am big into hand delivering or snail mailing old fashioned cards - for birthdays, for anniversaries, but especially over the holiday season.  So to be totally honest about how much of a dork I am, I haven't written a blog in about 2.5 months because I've been preparing packages for the people in my life.  Annually, I start with my oldest and dearest - the college boyfriend who'll always be special; the childhood friends I've been close with for 20+ yrs; and the coworkers who over the years have morphed into confidantes and activity partners.  I deliver some cards to beloveds' homes - with pies, mixed CDs, and/or gift bags - or I drop bundles of notes into the mailbox. And this simulation of Santa will continue throughout January, as I continue to pass out happy-new-year handsels.  For example, next week my physician will receive her holiday package with mugs and other office goodies - because she's taken fantastic care of my health for the last decade...  So that's where I've been, dear reader:  Saying "Happy holidays" and "Thanks for everything" to folks I adore.

the 2017 card that i'm sending out this year

[2]  FILM COMPANY    On Friday morning, 30 December 2016, I went to the City Clerk's Office at Somerville City Hall, where I filed a certificate which serves to initially institute the film company as a local new business.  Now, though it may seem a surprisingly small next step, I think it's important that I get a file cabinet and soon.  Because I'm amassing various registration certificates plus similar paperwork which should be kept organized and all together, in one safe and accessible place - aka ... my bedroom haha.  (That was really funny to me for some reason.  Sleepy giggles as I type.)  So the company has been officially founded - hurrah! - and it was possible because of the film's very first investor.  Gratitude to this investor, and updates will continue - file cabinet photos and much more.

[3]  CHICAGO    I took off next week from my job, and I am going to Chicago.  I love Chicago.  I went regularly during high school with my pal Dan.  I love the train system and its elevated platforms, offering panoramic views of neighborhoods.  I enjoy the smell of the city.  I enjoy the food.  Most of all, I respect the people.  I love Chicagoans' Midwestern character - openness, friendliness, agreeableness, calm and steady warmth, authentically polite while quickly getting to the point - goddamn, I love it!  Being a vacation, I'll honor my inner turtle by taking it easy.  I'm going to bring my camera, and I'm just gonna do lots of walking.  Sometimes visiting a museum but mostly riding trains, roaming streets, and soaking in Chi.  Also - another exciting prospect - I got an Airbnb on the Brown Line, so for the first time I'll commute over the Wells Street bridge across the Chicago River.

the Wells Street drawbridge

It's almost midnight and time for me to turn in.  Wrapping up our first blog of 2017, I'll conclude with this:  Happy new year to YOU.  So glad you are YOU, and very grateful YOU continue to stop by our blog.  I hope your holiday was happy.  I hope you sleep tight, and I hope we speak again soon.  Huge electronic bear hug!  xoxo